This page demonstrates the work that I have created in my first year of University. There is both individual and group work, both creative and academic. The techniques and skills I have learnt through my studies have allowed me to develop my skills as a PR student and given me an idea of what I will produce in the future


Communication in Organisation, Achieved First

For this module we were given a brief by NATS and asked to create a communications toolkit for their graduate training days. We were divided into groups and each decided on a section to complete, I chose motivation. We had to create activities, tangible elements and use theory to accompany our choices. The toolkit also had to be cohesive and so teamwork was key. In this module I achieved a first. You can flick through my section of the presentation below, or to view the presentation as a whole you can view a PDF version here: NATS Communication Toolkit


For the second part of this module I had to individually create a CEO statement announcing a loss of jobs, and then use PR theory to analyse the statement. This was the first piece of academic writing I completed at University and achieved a first. You can read my analysis below, or alternatively view it in a PDF format by clicking this link: Communications In Organisation CEO Analysis